Q & A

Q: Who is the artist, Ratheky?
A: Find out more by visiting ratheky.art
Q: What am I purchasing?
A: A one in one NFT. In addition, you will get a printable high resolution version of the digital painting (unavailable on IPFS) and total ownership of the kingoftherats.com domain and the website, which will be transferred to you after purchase.
Q: What is an NFT?
A: NFT stands for non-fungible token.
Q: What other opportunities lie in owning the domain and the website?
A: There are plenty of business opportunities but figuring out which ones to pursue has been left to your imagination.
Q: Why does the artist want to sell if there are so many business opportunities?
A: The artist loves to put his creativity to work. He and his team have more ongoing projects and many other project ideas that need funding. Selling the NFT will help the artist and his team to continue the artistic work they love to do. That doesn’t mean that the artist will reject a possible partnership offer if the new owner of the website wants to cooperate with him. Cooperation in this context means sharing the future profits that the site will generate.
Q: How do I make a public or private offer?
A: For public offers, place your offer in a comment to the tweet here. Remember, that every offer that turns out to be fake or was made out of boredom will be deleted from the comments. For private offers, please direct message us on Twitter.
Q: Can I make an anonymous purchase?
A: No. The artist's purpose with this project is to show appreciation towards Charles Hoskinson and the strong Cardano community supporting him. He won't allow for the project to be turned into a mockery or disrespect Charles Hoskinson in any way. The artist also reserves the right to sell to whoever he wants and whoever he feels his intentions are in line, even if that would mean accepting a lower offer.
Q: What if there will be a higher offer than mine?
A: You can hold on to your original offer or make a new one.
Q: Can I make a lower offer than the highest one?
A: Yes. People love the bidding game but the rush of the happiness hormones could fade away and they might decide to withdraw. The artist condemns the price pumping practices that are common on the NFT marketplaces and encourages all bidders to use common sense to evaluate his artwork.
Q: How can a lower offer win the bidding?
A: If the bidder with the highest offer decides to withdraw, the next highest offer wins. This goes on until a successful sale.
Q: Can I cancel my offer anytime?
A: Yes. Your offer is active unless you withdraw. The artist is looking to sell to someone who believes in Cardano’s future success as much as he does.
Q: How long will the bidding go on?
A: There is no timeframe for the sale. If the price matches the expectations there will be a sale, but if the highest offer does not reflect the underlying value of the artist’s creative work the sale will be canceled.
Q: Can I advertise on the website?
A: Not right now but maybe in the future.
For further unanswered questions please contact us on Twitter.